VPS Private Hosting

VPS or “virtual private servers” expand the security and flexibility of a share server with  enhanced security, configuration  and stability options such as full root access and installations.

Enhanced Security & configuration

Reserved memory and access controls

Complete Root access and control of your server

Is it time to be the host?


Why Private Hosting

Safe & Secure

A VPS allows XLab customers the ability to log in to the root of thier servers for custom configurations and deployment.  Full access and configuartion control.  

More Configurable

In a VPS you have access to PHP and all other server related configurations.  These additional access permissions allow for optimization and other customization of your server.

Better Stats & Control

You can install your own monitoring software, use google analytics and other reporting tools you choose to install. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How can XLab.com compete with Amazon, Godaddy and other powerhouse hosting companies.

Simple. XLab.com is selling the exact same interent as the power house companies.  We are specialty market experts that can size technology to our clients needs.  We have industry partners that include many of the power hous companies and only use world class data centers for our platform.

Can you offer staging services for our website?

Xlab is pleasd to offer assistance in setting up staging servers, local to your network or in cloud.  It helps the overall flow of frequently edited sites to have a development phase.

Do you offer WordPress Managed Websites

XLab has been involved with WordPress software for many years.  Our experts are trained in WordPress as well as PHP, javacript and all of the compnents needed to help your organization.

What can XLab do for our private club or community online?

Your private club or organization can have a full social media platform.  Social media offers continuity of use.  Likes, shares, an friends allows us to take advantage intuitive design to capatilize on  interoffice, group or community collaberation projects.

Do you offer cloud secure accounting systems?

XLab is proud to have decades of experiance in bookkeeping.  Our experts in QuickBooks Online services are certified top tier specialist and can help you setup, automate all of your accounting needs.  Including point of sale or retail operations.

Do you require SSL certificates on hosting?

We do require SSL or secure socket layer technology end to end in our network.   For dedicated and colocation services we have no control over configuration or lack there of.

Does XLab offer payroll services?

XLab is exploring the potential for payrol services through our small business private cloud services.  These services can be configured for in house processing or we can assist with full bookkeeping services.

Are cloud services safe?

In the game of redundancy, cloud and private cloud allows the private segementation of collective resources from a cloud provider.  The levels of redundancy alone make cloud computing a far superiour choice than local.  XLab consultants can manage your hybrid local and cloud assets.

Why are there so many hosting companies. How do I choose.

XLab hopes you will find our unique collection of services and our diverse history in techonogy make us your choice in technology services.  We also accept that there is a large array of offerings from “dealerships” world wide.  At the end of the day technology is bought and sold without ever moving in todays data centers.

Can small hosting companies serve my needs?

It is upon XLab to montor our capacity of services.  We believe that technology benifits when run more like local farming, car dealerships, or markets. Available, regional and face to face as needed.  “From Terrabytes to table”

Can my organization help?

XLab embraces all freinds and neighbors in technology.  Competition is not a major concern in the technology sector.  We welcome collaberation, component participation and affiliate type programs.  Just as we participate in many of the same.

Can our designer work with your technicians?

Collaberation is always welcome.  We like to have clear deliverables for all sides to help in the efficiancy of new teams formed in these relationships.

Still Not Sure If a VPS Is Right for You?

Call one of our XLab experts and lets talk about what your needs or concerns might be.  

Satisfaction Guaranteed

24/7 Support tickets

We offer online support tickets and 24/7 phone support for products or services purchased through us when ever possible. 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are willing to refund your hosting fees if you are not satisfied with our service in the first 30 days.  We hope we can help you resolve any issue or concerns you have. Give us a call.

30 Days of Free Hosting

Pay annually and we will take the 12 month off your bill.